Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Little Man - baby shower!

I just love a good party.  We had such a lovely time at Jannie's baby boy shower. 

The mustache and all things manly was our theme.  (notice that Jannie is wearing the mustache necklace I made for her. Check out the post by clicking on the link above)

We had a photo booth as you entered.  Everyone grabbed a prop (mustache and tie), and headed over to the backdrop for a photo op.

 The picture booth was a smash!

 Guests were going back to the photo booth over and over with different friends. The posing and face pulling kept getting better and better.
We framed everyone's faces too!
(because they held a frame up to their mug.) I'm
so pleased that we decided to do the picture thing.


 Envelopes were put out for the invitees to write their address on.  This trick helps the celebrated sister get her thank you cards out quickly, before her new little guy comes home. 

 A sharpie (or permanent marker) was placed by the cups so the guests could write their name on the cup.  Now there was no excuse for drinking out of the wrong cup.  Although, I think some people just did not care. 

  Jannie (celebrated sister) loves rocks... so after my botched attempt at making rock candy (see previous post), I bought these lovely green ones for table decorations. 
 This was our banner and table scape.  I painted letters on fabric ties and looped them on a rope.  we then hung the rope on the wall.  There were little bow ties on a rope wound around the bottom of the table. 
 These were my gift to Jannie.  I painted her some decorations for her little man's room.  These were quick and easy. 
Because the edges were also painted, they did not need to be framed, just hung as is.

Low key Treats were served.  Popcorn, watermelon, and some other finger foods (I can't remember what they were.)  But we also had cupcakes.

This batch had pop rocks candy sprinkled on top.
Oh what a delight to eat.  They cracked and snapped all the way down my throat. I actually ate two because they were so entertaining.

Here, the wonderful, if less interactive, cupcakes had blue and green sprinkles. There were little signs scattered about the tops of some cup cakes.  Some of the phrases on the sighs were;  
Oh boy,
                              little man, 
                          it's a boy

I think the most important part of this whole event was accomplished!

Everyone had a grand time.

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