Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter's past rememberance.

Easter was great.  

 I pick a color of choice every year.  Can you guess what the color was this year?

If you guesses yellow, that's right!     
I even had my men wear yellow shirts to match me and my beauty girl's dresses.  


This year, I needed a hat.  So I choose to decorate matching hats - for me and my beauty girl-  to wear to church.  My men would have complained about the flower, so it was just for us girls.  It was so much fun to have Easter Hats.

Even our little dog Jack got to wear a yellow bow "tie" around his neck.

 It was a lovely day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talking a little fashion

Some of you may already know that I am a student at Mesa Community College.  Tonight is Fashion and Merchandising's spring fashion show.  It is called Exotic Amazon as the theme. 

As a student in the Textiles classes, I have a piece I had to design and display in the fashion show.

They are doing a silent auction and I donated some of my hair accessories and a shirt that I hand silk screened an original design on.
 These are pics of two of the hair delights.  I donated one more, but where the picture is hiding, I do not know.

This shirt is not the actual piece I donated, but you can get the idea.  This is also tee that I  screen printed shirt with my original design.

(Remind me!   I will post some of the fashion illustrations I have completed. )

  It is going to be fun!