Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lil' Grey sweater - makeover

This little girls sweater was $3.74. My little girl needed a longer sweater than what she had, but finding one was a trick. I saw that there were many people "fixing" sweaters to meet their needs. So I thought it was a great idea and did it too. It is an easy craft idea too. I took the sweater and sewed two zig-zag stitches down the middle, next to each other. I then cut between the stitches. I added a button and small string to hold it closed. Also, I rolled the sleeve cuff up about three inches.

....... New knee length sweater for my little beauty girl! As she was getting out of the car to go to school, I heard one of the teachers comment to her, "Cute sweater". That did my heart good!


Here are some shots of my beauty girl in her sweater.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bi-fold doors - Now... Corner Shelfs!

What do you do with old bi-fold doors.  Make storage... of course.

By taking the doors and making a 90 degree angle, a nice corner unit is created. I cut triangle pieces of plywood and mounted them in the cabinet using a 1X1 as the bracket to hold them in place. Then the whole thing got a lovely coat of white and some molding was added to the top for the required "cute"ness.
Tada - a corner shelf unit.  Not too bad.  And it uses space that was otherwise wasted.   

Update: since these shots were taken, the corner unit has move into my office.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slippers on my feet

I have been wanting some comfy slippers.  I have been cold!  Last year I found a pattern for slippers and made them for every member of my family (except me).  The pattern was difficult and did not work, so  I started from scratch and made up my own pattern.  (I call them new years slippers).  This new pattern worked out so much better.

 I used left over fuzzy fabric for the insides (which is why the fluff at the sole and sides do not match).  

These boot slippers can be left up to make a tall boot, 

or folded over to make booties.  

Either way works well and I love them. 

Fashion - Dollar Dress

Dollar Dress

Now here is something that finally worked!
I bought this sheet at a thrift store on a sale day. I payed one dollar. I then preceded to make a dress out of it. It is a pullover with elastic at the waste. I made up the pattern.   It is all cotton, perfect for Arizona! No zippers or buttons! The only thing that I had to spend extra on was the rick rack on the edge. Other than that, I did not spend anything. I used up supplies I had (thread, elastic)

The sleeves were gathered up (because they were too long) which ended up looking pretty cool. I made a few changes. I moved the rick rack from the neck to the hem line. Here is a close up of the sleeves and hem.

I get comments on it every time  I wear it.