A little about whimsical Me.

I love to create.  My life is full of re-purposing...anything actually.
I am passionate about paper and glue.  Paper is my first love, but all things creative have a place in my heart. Paying attention to the creative and adding a little whimsy to everything...yep, that has always been me.

When I was a little girl, my Daddy saved a picture that I drew of my mother.  It was essentially a stick drawing, but the lady had a pearl necklace and EYELASHES.  I was four. 

This is me, in a crown, when I was four. You can't tell, but the crown was bright yellow with red glitter on it and I was wearing a wispy night gown.  I was Whimsical even then!

I have a lovely family.  A boy, whom I refer to as my Big ol' boy.  And a  girl whom I call Beautygirl.  They are fantastic kids.  And they deal with their mother's idiosyncrasies quite well.  My main man...is so understanding.  He just lets me clutter the whole house with projects and only complains if he gets stuck with a straight pin that was on the floor because I was cutting out a sewing project!  What a great guy!

I am so excited to be crafting for Whimsyfunk!

Lets bring a bit of Funk to your Whimsical world.