Monday, October 8, 2012

Fashion is not for Sissy's

 For all of you poo poo'ers, take a look at yourself.  Are you wearing something?  Anything at all? (if not, OK... go put something on!)  Fashion is not just frivolous, all humans wear some form of covering.  

That, my friends is Fashion.  

I am going to school for Fashion Design and it is high time the blog reflects that a little more.

There is so much in fashion from the fibers to the fabric, from the designing of clothing to the cutting and manufacturing (sew it up), from trending to marketing,  High fashion to ready to wear, and Fashion forecasting (people actually go out and find what colors and silhouettes will be in style in the future.  I think there is some math and statistics involved too)... someone has to do all of these things.  
Dots and Ruffles... I love you so.

And there is a market for it.... a BIG one.  

I bet you did not know all of that.  
 (the illustration was my midterm.  I was given a swatch of fabric and told to design something.  It had to be completed before the end of class and handed in.) 

Well....I have been designing my own fashion line.  

I am learning pattern making, draping, textiles (what fibers the clothing is made of)
and computer aided drafting for fashion design.   I have already taken the class on fashion illustration.  And yes, that is a job that people get payed to do too.  

The fashion industry is very cut throat and very competitive.  

To quote designer Michael Kors, 
" Fashion is not for sissy's."

 I have been really interested in textile design.

From vintage designs
to the cutting edge, I am so excited to be learning so much about this field. 

 To reflect my schooling, I am also transitioning my etsy shop to reflect more fashion items. (more vintage than anything else).
  Don't get me wrong... paper and I are still best friends.  But there is always room for more friends.

So check back often, and see what new things I have found. 

Tell me what era you love.  I am into the 1940's.

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