Thursday, February 2, 2012

What to do with Altered Dominoes?

Ok, so you saw the fun tutorial on altering your own dominoes.
If not, click on the link and get started!
You did all of the hard work.  Now What!

What can you do with those dominoes that have been cutified!

Here are a few of my thoughts.

I like to use them in making hair accessories.  Check out these little beauties!

Both of these sold at a recent show I did.  The green one was used a broach, because I put a large alligator clip on the back.

Here are a few more things that I made.  These are a twin set of hair clips.

And this one is on the front of a card.  The dominoes can also be put on the front of an album.  

These rummy tiles were made by my sister.  The same principals apply to make the dominoes into jewelry!

 Have fun and send me a picture or a note with what you did!
(I included a link to the you tube tutorial I did on altered dominoes here)

Have a fabulous day!!

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  1. Ooo what a fabulous valentines idea! I love sweet dreams clippies. Thanks for the new inspirations!