Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition

I am so excited to audition for this position on the Design team. They have fabulous products that I think are fantastic!

Here are six projects I made using the Graphic 45 vintage inspired papers.

Project #1
 I always say you must "BELIEVE" to see the magic in the world.

This little card gives a taste of whimsical fun with the Pixie playing the horn and creating a magical tune that encourages the poppies to bloom.  And Bloom they do! 

On closer examination, it turns out the pixie has sparkly wings, glossy body and dimensional necklace. She is surrounded by shimmering tulle and black organza. The delightful tune she is playing is enhanced by being on transparency film and embellished with iridescent micro beads.

The melody extends over  velum that has been stamped with a musical score.
We see that when you believe, you can find something majestic and whimsical.  That is enhanced by a black silk flower and some fibrous yarn.  The center is filled with polished micro beads.

Texture and dimension are shimmering from this little creation.  The papers used are Poppy Fields, Pixie Post, and vintage sheet music.

Project #2
 "Delight" is a card that used Moulin Rouge paper.  It is mounted on black card-stock that has been embossed with a harlequin stamp and emerald embossing powder.
These Dancers are adorned with some fantastic micro beads that make the feathers pop off the page.

The finishing touches are some velvet ribbon and a black silk flower, which is topped with Fish-net to give some dimension. If that was not enough, the center of the le Fleur has a pewter clock hand and an aged brad.

Here you can see a close up of the flower and how it pops off the page.  There is also a glimpse of the texture the beads add to the dancing girls skirts.

Project #3
Our Photogenic lady in Red.  This mini album is the essence of vintage charm.

Up close,  our elegant lady has ruby red slippers and is sitting next to a red silk flower with a black feathery fiber that almost has you believing she is wearing a boa. The clock hand hints at times that have past.  The camera has a crystal glitter surrounding it to give the illusion of tiny flash bulbs popping. 
Keeping with the theme of times past, there is vintage sheet music to one side. 
It is covered with little bubbles, that's right, bubble-wrap.  This shipping supply creates the illusion of depth, yet does not obscure the images underneath.    The red silk flower is topped with silver washers and a glittery red gem. Red netting adds more visual elements.

The papers used were Photogenic and Poppy fields.  Some vintage sheet music was also applied.

Project #4
How often does the card get separated from the bag.  Well... no more!
This one is an  "ADORABLE" Gift Bag with a matching card insert.

(In the pic, the card is slightingly askew to show how it slides into the pocket.)
The papers used are Flight of Fancy, Hibiscus Heaven, along with some vintage sheet music.  The little details are made up of some vintage buttons and Victorian ecru lace.

This is the card out of it's cozy home on the front of the bag. 

The focus of the card, "ADORABLE" is stamped on a transparency sheet with some black Stayz On ink.  The edges have been inked in matching colors of coral and celery.



Project #5

Simply Charming.  These little pixies have shine and magic all around them.  In fact, their magic can be all around you because they are necklace pendants.  Once upon a time, these little trinkets were game pieces.  But they have been altered to be wearable art.

The Green Pixie has a wire wrap around the word "magic" which was part of vintage sheet music.  Her wings are touched with shimmery glitter and she is coated in glossy effects to seal her in.  A pit of jewelry finding was attached to the top make her into a statement piece.


The Pink Pixie also has twinkle added to her wings .  She was given a shiny pink flower gem.  Her essence reminds the wearer to shine.

 The paper used was Tiny Treasures.

 Project #6

Who knew that couple of pixies watching over you could help you "find your wings".  Apparently these little imps did!

This card is loaded with texture and things that tickle the senses.  It is also an assortment of many of the different collections.

The lovely lady has been hand tipped, making a coral dress that has iridescent dazzle to crate shimmery elegance.  She has a few real feathers mixed with paper feathers from the Moulin Rouge sheet. She is herself from the Modern Marvels paper.  The pixies are from the Pixie Post selection. The bottom boarder is from the Photogenic piece.  The coral flowers are from the Hibiscus Heaven collection.

 As for the other wonders on this card: 

The birdcage is embossed with black and has lace and filament yarn at the top.  The collection name went to good use as a tag at the top of the cage. 

The watching pixies have glittery wings and glossy skin.  They found a seat atop a black silk flower with micro beads in the center.

The very bottom has both paper flowers and silk flowers.  To add to the detail, there is a glistening tulle backing the blossoms and words.  One more final touch is the flourish that is on transparency film to add an element of depth with out overwhelming the focal piece.    

I hope you enjoy these creations.  I had a blast crating them.  But what did I expect!  The paper collections from Graphic 45 are fabulous and right up my alley!

Add a bit of Funk to your Whimsical world.


  1. Very Cool, Tara! The creativity is amazing!

  2. Ooo my favorite is the green pixie pendant! LUV!!!