Saturday, February 18, 2012


Valentines kinda snuck up on me this year.  Monday night (Feb 13) at 9:30pm, my little girl said,
"Mom, I need valentines for my class."
 Holy Cow! I thought.... how did I completely let this slip through my hands.
A little (and I do mean small and dim) light bulb went off in my head.  I had made some small valentines for a craft fair that I did in January.  Not all of the sets sold, so I went hunting through my stash.  Sure enough, I was in luck!  I had two packs left of 24 each.  It is a good thing I had two, because my daughters class has 38 people.  The packs were not the same Valentines Cards, but that also worked in my favor.  One was more girl-y, the other was more boy-ee.  I happened to have a bag of individually wrapped life-savers.  So that is what was taped on the back of each valentine.

Any whooo.  Here they are.
The cards are quite simple, measuring about 2.5 X 3.5.

I inked the edges, and stamped the images in the middle.
The crowns have a dot of glitter glue to give some bling. 
The frog is inked with kalida-color inks to give it some vibrancy.  The little heart has some teal glitter glue in the middle.  A little sparkle never hurt anyone.

I liked the simplicity of the cards, and that they still had color.


  1. Wow that was lucky! They look great!

  2. that was lucky! i just remembered i never posted pics of my valentines. i was up late two nights cutting, printing and assembling my kids valentines. it was insane.