Saturday, January 11, 2014

Buttermilk Pie....Yumm?

Ok... I have been wanting to try this recipe that I found in the October 2013 Country Living Magazine.  The article featured heirloom desserts.   This Buttermilk Pie looked devine.  So this evening I got my self all of the ingredients and made the pie.  It took well over 2 hours to make this thing.  

When the pie was almost done baking, the smell in the house was like heaven.  I took the pie out and was very excited because it looking just like the picture to me.  My beautygirl was very excited to taste it.  We cut ourselves generous portions.   And ....Um.... this is not what the smell tells me I will be tasting.  It is bland and yucky.  We tried to salvage the pie by putting apple pie filling on top.  And it did help, but not enough to enjoy the thing. 

I had my husband try it..... He would not even finish his piece.  He said "I think something is missing."  I did not know what because I had followed the recipe very closely.  He said, "did you put sugar in it?"  Of course I did. When I made the crust I distinctly remember measuring out the sugar.   But.... Not when I put the filling in.  I FORGOT THE SUGAR!

Now I will need to make the pie again to see if it is yummy.  It Looks beautiful.... I hope the second time is the charm.

To be continued...

If you want to try the recipe, let me know how it worked for you.  Here is the link.Buttermilk Pie

(I did have to make a substitution because the original recipe calls for nuts.  We have nut allergies at our house and so those are a no-no for us.)

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  1. I have an old family recipe for Buttermilk pie. It is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!!!!!!! We don't put nuts in ours either due to a picky sister. :) Hope your second attempt goes better! (I thought it looked a little flat. :)