Friday, November 8, 2013

Shirt redo - From sloppy to stylish- Multi color plaid

So, I have been on this re-do, up-cycle kick.  Recently, I have been remaking old sloppy shirts into ones that fit me just right!  Here is an example of a shirt I recently remade. 
multicolor plaid front

multicolor plaid back
 This shirt had some good bones, the collar and front tucks were a step in the right direction.  I removed the sleeves and cut out the excess on the sides.  I then took the tucks that were already there and took them all the way down, front and back.

Shirt back, tucks running the length.

To give the shirt more interest, I made the tucks in the front into Mexican tucks. (Which means the are sewn opposite to give a wavy illusion to the fabric).

After that was done, I cut off the sleeves to make them short, but I retained the cuff.  Why do more work than necessary.  I finished all of the seams and tacked down the collar. 

I wear this one all the time now. 

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