Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday - Penny charm

I seem to be really into penny art right now.  I saw an idea about using a penny with the year your child was born and then stamping on a separate piece of metal their name, to make a pendant for a necklace.  Loved this idea.
I could make a remembrance of my child's birthday- or birth-year. Cool idea.

So, to work.  Wearing heavy jewelry can be a drag. (baw ha ha - little joke) I did not want to add any more weight to the charm/pendant.    I stamped the name of my child right onto the penny.  Then I drilled a hole and added a jump ring.   (If you want instructions on drilling the penny, go to the Pressed Penny post.) Penny's that are not stretched are a little tougher to drill through, so just keep going, the drill bit will go through.

(and I know the stamping is not perfect, but I am not a perfectionist.  Sometimes, good enough is GOOD ENOUGH. I am glad to see this idea to the end - finally!)

I was going to put this on a necklace, but I decided that my children were my
 biggest adventure.  
I added the named penny to my stretched penny bracelet representing a journey I have (and still am) taking. 

Lets go explore!


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  1. So cool! I'd like to do the same... and maybe add one for my anniversary :)