Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Luggage Redo - Black & White Poka Dot

I am going on a big trip this summer.  I had a small problem with luggage.  I did not have what I needed. I had a small overnight rolling bag and a carry on satchel type of bag.  That was about it!  But I needed something big enough to keep me for a month!

Being ..... frugal....., I stopped by several thrift stores until I found what I wanted, for a mere $15 bucks.  This large suit case was perfect.  It had great wheels, and most of all fabulous storage.  I also found a small over night case that had good bones.

I used the satchel that I already had as my inspiration piece.
On the back of the larger pieces, I used a screen printing technique to create the large damask image.  What is nice about using a screen is that I can use it over and over again.   On the fronts I used a smaller damask image that I created out of rubber for print making.

When those images dried, I took a sponge dabber and used some gesso (canvas primer) and created the dots. I was able to make some matching luggage out of a bunch of miss matched pieces.  

Here you can see the front of the carry on rolling piece.

Now it is full of black and white loveliness.  I am attaching an orange luggage strap to each piece and some orange handles to help with the identification.  

Love it!


 These are the backs, where the large damask is on display.  I purposely did not put dots all over the whole thing, because I did not want it to be overwhelming.  These are the finished pieces.   In the second one, you can also see the original inspiration satchel that is placed on top of the big piece.

Have you ever altered luggage?  What did you do?  I want to hear.

-Put a bit of funk in a whimsical world.

PS.  This is the front of the large piece of luggage. 


  1. Very clever! I love it. Now could you just tuck me in your ag so I can go with you?

  2. Awesome! So, so cute. I love that you will be able to identify your luggage so easily.

  3. I love it! What a great way to set your luggage apart :)

  4. Update: This really did work! Of the group, mine was the easiest to see and identify. I had one girl come up to me and say she wished she had marked her luggage better. She could easily find mine.