Friday, January 13, 2012

Eggs!!! Finally....

We have some chickens that we got last spring. 
We got four.

Three of the hens have been laying for 4 months. They started producing eggs at about 5 months.

But we have one that seems to be a little slow.  She is a big Americana.
Beautiful and fluffy.  She has ginger colored speckled feathers. 
Her name is Pocahontas (but I keep trying to call her Ginger or Big Bertha)
She has been the underdog.  She gets picked on by the other hens--the whole pecking order thing.
 Instead of a full fledged balk that chickens usually make, Pocahontas kind of chirps.  She seems to be a little delayed in her progression.  I was beginning to lose hope that she would start laying.  I would know when her eggs started to come because this breed has light blue or green eggs.  All we had been getting were brown.

But today was the Prize day!  Nine months old and A BIG  BLUE egg.
I was so excited.  As I picked it up, I noticed it was cracked.  DRAT!
I am hoping that the crack is because it fell out of the egg box, not because one of the hens decided to peck it.  We will see about that one. 
 But as you can see, the blue egg is larger than the other eggs. 
 I am so glad that Pocahontas is not a dud.  Thank you for your egg, Big girl. 

 (If you want to read more about the other chickens we had, go to the link on the side that is my "Other-older Blog"  It has lots more post about chickens.  Please note, those chickens were given a new home when we moved and are not the same ones you see here. It has been over two years, and we still miss them!)

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