Sunday, September 25, 2011

Add a switch to a lamp! Tutorial

 Have you ever wanted to add a  switch to the middle of a lamp cord.  Here is a quick walk through on how to do that.  (The instructions were in another language, but the pictures were nice.)
These are the items you will need 
 Wire cutters
Exact o knife
Cord Switch
(In the this picture you also see a new wire plug end and extra wire... You don't need that for this project.)

***UNPLUG your lamp/light.***

 The first step is to cut a small slit in the wire about an inch long, where you want the new switch to be.  I like mine about four feet from the plug, but you can place it anywhere along the cord that you want.

 Then you are going to  cut only one side with the wire cutters.

 Your split will look a little like this...
 Next you will take the cord switch case and unscrew the  screw...and open it up.
  Inside you will place the wire on each side, going around the center circle.  Where the wire is split will be on the side with a separator.  The wires must not connect any more for this to work.
Put the two hales back together.  Make sure the the metal spikes pierce the wire.  This allows the electrical juice to run through the wire and make the switch work! (my pencil is pointing to the spike).

Tighten the screw back up.
 Now Flip the switch (after you replug it in.... because you would never wire something that is plugged in...Right?)
Tad-ah!  Now you do not have to constantly unplug... plugin... unplug...plugin to get light.  Just turn the little switch.  Give it a try and tell me how it went!

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